Digital Transformation of Real-World Assets

Digital, programmable securities introduce new expressions of investment value including an important characteristic that gets a premium: liquidity.

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Securities tokens allow investors to own fractions of highly valuable real-world assets such as real estate, antiques, and collectibles. This introduces new routes of diversification including time period, investor tastes, and insulation against investment trends. 

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Our security issuance platform allows asset-backed securities—such as real estate—to be transformed into secure, digital assets. 

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Securities tokens lock in capital without locking in investors. Associating pieces with a token—such as issuing tokens equal to 1% of an asset’s value—creates liquidity for investors without requiring the sale of the entire asset and loss of potential future increased value.


Investors can hold a wide array of smaller investments in global assets in a single basket as well as corporate bonds, t-bills, and early stage equity.




Comprehensive Compliance

Platform Features

Familiar Experience

Day-One Liquidity

You get liquidity on day one, with tightly integrated exchange protocols.

Brokerage-like user experience with integrated custodial services.

Guides you through sale, lockthrough exemptions, and resale scenarios.

Custom Built for

Broker Dealers


Accredited Investors

Lower the liquidity premium investors demand in a typical private placement.

Access new markets digitally and automatically, with confidence in compliance.

Back-end efficiency supports higher dividends; increased liquidity facilitates diversification.

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