Digital Transformation of Real-world Assets

Digital, programmable securities introduce new expressions of investment value including an important characteristic that gets a premium — liquidity.

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Security tokens allow investors to own fractions of highly valuable real-world assets, like real estate, antiques, and collectibles. This introduces new routes of diversification, including time period,  investor tastes, and insulation against investment trends. 

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Blockchain technology allows real world assets such as real estate and investment funds to be transformed into secure, digital assets. 

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Security Tokens also lock in capital without locking in investors. Associating pieces with a token—such as issuing tokens equal to 1% of an asset’s value—creates liquidity for investors without requiring the sale of the entire asset and loss of potential future increased value.


Investors can hold a wide array of smaller investments in global assets in a single basket as well as corporate bonds, t-bills, and early stage equity, for example.


Blockchain-based representation of an asset is referred to as tokenization

This can be executed two ways:

1. Tokens representing whole or fractional ownership rights encoded either on- or off-chain.

2. Tokens encoded in related smart contracts that execute any obligations, such as dividend distribution.

Security Token

A security token is any blockchain-based representation of value that is subject to regulation under security laws. Depending on the jurisdiction and the technical and financial structures involved, this may include tokens representing traditional assets, like equity, debt, derivatives, and real estate.




Real Estate

Our trusted technology increases liquidity with fractionalized ownership of institutional-grade real estate assets.

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